Steuben Lodge is located in the south central region of Steuben County, NY.
The Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) is 8T for personal deer management tag (WMP) purposes.

   The lodge may be found near the small town of South Canisteo, NY. (All mail to: Wildlife Outdoor Enterprises - PO Box 418 Big Flats, NY14814.)  The setting is in rural agricultural country which is abundant with mature hardwoods such as maple, beechnut and several species of oaks.  The area's habitat is a whitetail deer and turkey's dream! There are wildlife food plots of  primarily clover with some  buck  wheat and brassicas to enhance the native food sources for all wildlife to enjoy.  There are plenty of apple trees scattered about the different hunting properties associated with this land and lodging package.

  Steuben Lodge sits on it's own 275 acre parcel.  The main farm land consists of rolling hills, maintained hayfields, several apple trees and other wooded acreage with a small creek running through it.  An additional 100 acre parcel has about a dozen apple trees, a small pond and a 35 acre wooded hilltop knob with a semi-maintained hayfield.  Both properties are in the Town of Canisteo

 In a totally different direction from the lodge, there is a 145 acre tract which is a 5 minute drive away yet in the Town of Jasper. This parcel is swampy, wooded hillside which has a gas line going up the hill through it which is lined with crabapple trees and brush.

  A fourth hunting area is located less than a 10 minute drive of Steuben Lodge which is a steeper completely wooded hillside and consists of 95 acres in the Town of Cameron, NY. This parcel has logging trails throughout for easier access and is bordered by a 30 acre clover field near one boundary and a 70 acre corn field on another boundary.

  Once again, all properties are in Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 8T.  Currently we have a total of approximately 615 privately managed acres which consists of these four (4) different hunting parcels with very diversified habitat and terrain for you to experience during your stay with us.

  This is a Quality Deer Management minded operation so be prepared to fill a doe tag or two on your hunt for that quality buck!  We would like you to focus your buck harvests towards the more mature bucks that should show themselves and let the younger bucks pass.  We are interested in booking hunters that agree with this concept and would like to participate in a management program of this kind year after year.

    If you are not a "Quality Hunter" and you are only interested in harvesting any sized antlered buck then please DO NOT book hunting time at this location.

    Our acceptable white-tailed buck harvesting restrictions are 4 points on one side and as wide as the ear tips as a minuimum. 

    Any number of doe may be taken per hunter with the appropriate tags.  We may also have free doe/deer management tags available!

   Ask about our unique offer of a 2 Day - Free Stay  (Non-Hunting Season) where you are able to check out the hunting areas and lodge facility prior to booking your time at Steuben Lodge.

    All hunts are fair chase and self-guided hunting situations.  All hunters are to know and adhere to the laws of the State of New York. 

Good Luck - let's go hunting!

What to Bring

Bring your valid NY State hunting licenses and necessary permits, hunting clothes and equipment to include your portable treestands.

You must supply your own drinks and snacks as well as your pillows, sleeping bags and towels. Be sure to bring any personal items for the week like toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, laundry soap, etc.

There is a washer and dryer available and also a hot woodstove to dry out those wet socks and jackets!

Bring any breakfast, lunch or dinner items that you wish or simply go into town which is about a 15 minute drive from the lodge.

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